SmartData talks

Alexander Serbul 1C-Bitrix
Alexander Serbul
Day 1 / 16:45  / Track 1 / RU /

Applied machine learning in e-commerce — scenarios and architectures of pilots and real-world projects

Presenting a number of company's pilots and real-world projects applying popular and "rare" algorithms of machine learning, as well as technical implementation on different platforms such as Java, PHP, Python using open libraries and a range of Amazon Web Services tools.

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Artem Marinov Data-Centric Alliance
Artem Marinov
Data-Centric Alliance
Day 1 / 14:25  / Track 3 / RU /

Segment of 600 million users in real time every day. HBase/Kafka on the DMP service

Will be later

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Artem Grigoriev Yandex
Artem Grigoriev
Day 1 / 15:35  / Track 2 / RU /

Crowdsourcing: how to tame a crowd?

Will be later

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Sergey Nikolenko PDMI RAS
Sergey Nikolenko
Day 1 / 14:25  / Track 1 / RU /

Deep convolutional networks to segment images

Will be later

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Alexey Potapov ITMO
Alexey Potapov
Day 1 / 15:35  / Track 1 / RU /

Deep learning, probabilistic programming and meta-estimation: point of intersection

Discussing generative and discriminative models' connections in terms of program specialization, their role within the framework of deep learning and probabilistic programming. Addressing neural Bayesian approach, neural probabilistic programming as an integration of two paradigms on an example of Edward library.

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Alexander Sibiryakov Scrapinghub
Alexander Sibiryakov
Day 1 / 12:50  / Track 2 / RU /

Collection of contacts in bypass .com

This talk is about a distributed web-crawler for search and extraction of contact information from corporate websites.

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Ivan Begtin Open Data, NGO Informational Culture
Ivan Begtin
Open Data, NGO Informational Culture
Day 1 / 10:30  / Track 2 / RU /

Open data. About the availability of state data and how to find them

Access to government data opens new opportunities for the businesses ready to create new products based on that data and improve existing ones, but it requires understanding of how data is collected, analyzed and published.

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Dmitry Bugaychenko
Dmitry Bugaychenko
Day 1 / 11:40  / Track 2 / RU /

From click to predict and back: Data Science pipelines at OK

The talk covers different data processing and storage technologies from Hadoop ecosystem and more. If you are doing ML not just for fun, but also for profit, you might get some useful information from the talk.

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