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Nikolay Golov

Nikolay Golov

Company: ManyChat

Nikolay is the Head of Data Engineering of ManyChat (SaaS startup), responsible for the implementation and growth of its Data Platform (AWS+Redis+Snowflake+Tableau). Previously, from 2013 till 2019 he's headed the Data Platform of Avito, Craigslist of Russia, which grew to a multi-billion dollar company from a small startup. In Avito he was responsible for analytical databases (Vertica, ClickHouse), OLTP engines (PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB), and data buses (Kafka) for analytics and micro-services integration. In parallel with those jobs, Nikolay is a researcher of Higher School Economics in Moscow, Russia, having few international publications about data warehousing (Anchor Modeling) and aspects of big data processing.

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