Talk type: Partner’s game

Graph Challenge from Yandex Search and Advertising Technologies

  • Talk in Russian

You will get a dataset with graphs of relationships between business entities of the Real Estate segment. Your task is to select subgraphs that relate to the same business.

The Graph challenge has 3 levels of complexity:

– easy: visually mark up subgraphs on interactive visualisations; 

– medium: refine the algorithm in Python, improving the proposed basic heuristics; 

– hard: independently build the partitioning on a set of business entities and evaluate it.

All participants will receive anti-stress geese toys. And at each challenge level you can win:

1st prize – Yandex Station Max with Zigbee;

2nd prize – a backpack;

3rd prize – a thermal mug or a laptop case, of your choice.

The winners will be honoured separately at the afterparty at the end of the first day of the conference.

You will need a laptop with Jupyter installed to participate. You can use your own one or a laptop from Yandex. 

Register here to become a participant.

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