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How does Product Design affect the development of ETL platform

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In Tinkoff, as in any large company, DWH is growing and developing. One of the key differences of our DWH is the development of almost all tools together with Product Designers.

We are going to talk about our case of rethinking the interface for developing ETL processes using the example of our DWH tool for Batch ETL, TEDI, designed to replace SAS. Our ETL developers interact with TEDI every day, and the more convenient this tool is, the faster and better they do their work.

In the talk, we are going to deepen into how Product Design affects the speed and convenience of ETL development, how user experience affects the development of the tool, what is the profit from Product Design to all participants in the process. We are going to also consider the difference between TEDI and its closest analogues, such as Airbyte.

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