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Round table: What if not Hadoop

Day 4


Not so long ago, almost every company trying to build work with big data was forced to install a large vendor package of closely related applications of the Hadoop ecosystem. You could even say that between 2004 and 2014, it was hard to imagine industry leaders not using MapReduce to solve business problems. However, in 2014, the same Google almost completely abandoned its use and switched to newer solutions and approaches. Now, in 2021, there are already a whole lot of different solutions for the storage and analysis of big data on the market.

At this round table, we will discuss how to navigate this new world. And also, can you already abandon the Hadoop ecosystem and send it to the dustbin of history, or is it still nowhere without it? The participants in the discussion will try to raise various tricky questions in the spirit of "how convenient is it to store raw data NOT in HDFS" and "is it possible to simply transfer everyone to the SQL engine". And also "is it possible to call the daemon with the words Data Mesh, Delta Lake, Anchor" and "how to make Kappa architecture in real life and what is it all about". The speakers hope that this discussion will inspire data engineers and architects with enthusiasm and that managers and team leaders will get a new look at the problems of Data Governance and the choice of tools for the task.

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