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Insert into ClickHouse and not die

Day 3


What can be easier than inserting data into the database?! However, has been doing this for 2 years and ClickHouse never ceases to amaze.

Artem is from Odnoklassniki. Their installation is roughly 1PB and 100 machines. And the team suffered a lot: ClickHouse hit a dead end, data was duplicated and/or lost, sometimes it was simply not inserted.

In this talk, we'll consider the task of inserting data into ClickHouse for all the most popular scenario like:

  • "home" installation on one server;
  • horizontally scalable cluster with data replication between data centers;
  • features of batch and streaming insertion.

We'll also write our own cool ClickHouse insertion mechanism which is used in Odnoklassniki.

Join Artem's talk and he'll share everything he knows about ClickHouse insertion. Targeted audience: engineers and architects both planning to integrate ClickHouse into their ecosystem, and those who are already working with it, but are not completely satisfied with it.

  • #storage
  • #dataingestion
  • #optimization


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