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How to bring advanced analytics to hybrid data storage with Vertica

Day 2


Data is often scattered in many places. You may store a customer table in the main database while storing a sales table in another SQL database and having the shops' sales data available in various object storage distributed on-prem and in the cloud. And you want to join all the tables in a single query.

Vertica provides an extremely powerful engine Engine with a huge amount of analytical built-in functions and unmatched performance. Unlike the Virtualization technologies, the unique Vertica approach allows running queries against an external repository applying all the built-in functionalities, and retrieving only the data it needs.

In this session, we will go in deep, with practical examples, on how to map external data with Vertica, which are the Vertica options to push down the queries to external data repositories and the technologies behind it. Differences between Vertica and some other solutions will also be explained.

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