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How an analytical database stopped me smoking: A practical story with Exasol

Day 4


You're tired of spending a large number of your working hours tuning your database only to realize that in the end on large datasets the performance is still poor? But you're convinced that data warehouse migration is painful and involves complex migration scripts? Then this session is for you!

You'll be introduced to Exasol, the world's fastest analytical database. You will discover how Exasol can simplify your life and make having a data warehouse fun again. Speakers are working with a large star-schema dataset that originates from the financial sector and contains more than one billion transactions. The data will be ingested from Oracle during the session in a live coding part. You'll learn how Exasol performs auto-tuning on this data and see how machine learning for fraud detection can be brought right inside the database.

The session includes live coding sessions. The code will be provided to participants afterward so that they can repeat the process and collect their own experience with Exasol.

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