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Data processing and verification for computer vision in MTS sales offices throughout Russia

Day 2


Computer vision is penetrating the current business processes of large companies. Most of the projects run on GPU servers with good internet and cooling. But there are many situations where the launch of the model and the processing of the video must be done as close to the camera as possible. In the case when you do not have a stable Internet or when it may be wrong to transfer video from a security point of view.

MTS has a large network of stores, more than 5,000 throughout Russia, and in the current pandemic conditions, visitors want an increasingly personalized service. In this talk, Kirill will tell how MTS was able to launch an AI-service of computer vision on EDGE devices in 500 offices of companies. What pitfalls the team faced and how they were able to keep the entire fleet of devices up to date, process, and verify data from all offices.

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