The deep learning revolution

Day 1 /  / Track 1  /  Introduction to technology

Over the past few years, deep learning has achieved remarkable results — comparable to and in some cases superior to human experts in fields as varied as speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, audio recognition, social network filtering, machine translation, and bioinformatics. But deep learning architectures such as DNNs, CNNs, or LSTMs have been around for decades. So what has changed and suddenly propelled deep learning onto center stage?

This talk will provide some elements of response by looking at the confluence of critical advances that have fueled the present deep learning revolution. Jerome will illustrate how such advances are changing the way we interact with technology in our daily lives, by drawing on newly released Apple features like FaceID, Hey Siri, and Animojis. He will also address the central question of privacy breach and the recent trend toward more stringent data protection regulations. Finally, he will discuss how to alleviate the inherent tension between leveraging users' data and maintaining data privacy.